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  Skoolastica Science Adventures Code : SSA05
  Release date : July 2006
  Ages : 9 to 12
Rating :  everyone*
It’s up to you to rescue Aryaratta and help him get back his human form. Join our Skoolastica kids – Vir, Sia and Sana as they embark upon an adventure trail within the forest.  
Play nine thrilling action-packed games and watch the action and excitement unfold! Will Aryaratta get back his human form? To find out... Play on!  
Topics Covered :  
Human Body • Plants • Animals • Diseases and Safety • Soil, Rocks, Minerals •  
Natural Resources • Air, Water • Weather • Solids, Liquids and Gases •  
Earth, Sky, Solar System • Force, Work and Energy • Matter and Material  
Skill Enhancements and Value Additions:
All the games and activities within this pack are designed to help children:  
- Develop observation, perception and listening skills
- Enhance memory and sharpen creative as well as critical   thinking
- Build logical and reasoning ability, and
- Test their knowledge of facts and concepts in Science.
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